DESiRED brings latest digital music technology to Stillwater Schools

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Photo by Whitney Jones

Fall 2006

Gone are the days of placing a microphone up to the speakers of a boom box to project sound throughout an auditorium or athletic field. Thanks to a Star Child Grant awarded to Stillwater Area High School band teacher Dennis Lindsay, a digital music sound system will bring District 834’s music technology into the 21st century. D E S i R E D ,named by Lindsay, stands for Digital Electronic Sound [individual] Recording and Event Design The “individual” in the middle represents the idea that any individual can access this technology. Lindsay partnered with Athletic Director Dennis Bloom and Theater Director Haeri Tollifson, to draft a proposal for funding to support implementation of the program.

An idea that stemmed from a vision of collaboration and interdisciplinary teaching has come to fruition as a result of an $11,000 grant awarded from the Stillwater Area Schools Partnership Plan. The money awarded went to purchase two G4 computers, a CD/DVD Replicator, software and several peripheries that are capable of recording, editing and producing professional recordings and sound designs. The software allows students to digitally record and edit sound, produce and mass duplicate CDs, and generate musical mixes. In addition to the computer hardware and software, the money covered microphones and cases for all equipment.

According to senior Eric Schneider, who helped Lindsay draft the final proposal and presentation for the Partnership Plan Committee, “DESiRED is a student driven, technology-based initiative that encourages students to set out to learn the technology independently without limited guidance of a teacher. Students [using this technology] can complete projects on their own and direct their own learning.”

Currently, the program is being used for a variety of purposes. Students can generate their own music, record music and edit digitally, produce CDs with professional artwork, and place music online to others to hear.

Lindsay hopes to use this technology to bridge the gap between disciplines. For example, Lindsay suggested a possible link between music and physics by using DESiRED to explore the physics of sound. Anyone in the district can access the software; every coach, anyone interested in technology, music or sound design are encouraged to take advantage of this new and innovative technology.

Lindsay foresees this technology being used at athletic events to play music during breaks and half times or to project the vocal commentary. He also thinks it would benefit Drama club’s musical needs by providing higher quality in both delivery and recording.

The extent of how far-reaching DESiRED can extend in our district is endless. What may have started as an idea from music teacher is already expanding into various other areas of our school and curriculum. If you are interested in learning more about this technology, contact Lindsay or stop into the band room to see the recording studio.


May, 15, 2015