Get to know your publications

Andrea Schueler, Instruction and Professional Development Co-chair

Union publications crowd your mailbox several times a year. Maybe, like me, you read them (almost) cover to cover over lunch. Or maybe you do what I did during my first years teaching and stack them beside your bed, hoping to get to them later. When the stack gets too large, you recycle them instead. In an effort to help you determine what may be worth your time, here’s an overview of each.

Publication: Minnesota Educator

Published by: Education Minnesota

Frequency: Monthly newsletter

Why you should read it: Stay up-to-date with your state union; learn about teachers and districts in other parts of the state; find grant opportunities

Professional development: Each issue includes a list of upcoming conference opportunities submitted by a wide variety of organizations.


Publication: nea today

Published by: National Education Association

Frequency: Five times yearly

Why you should read it: Find out about initiatives and struggles educators face across the country; read features on current issues in education; find money tips, and more

Professional development: “Bulletin board” offers quick ideas that you can readily adapt to your teaching situation. Also, the October/November issue includes nine tips for handling disruptive students. 

Publication: American Educator

Published by: American Federation of Teachers

Frequency: quarterly

Why you should read it: Read scholarly articles on educational research and ideas

Professional development: All of it! If you don’t have time for these articles during the year, save the issues and choose several articles to read over the summer.

In particular, the Fall 2009 issue includes a full article entitled “the Japanese Art of Lesson Study” about a professional development model that promotes collaborative lesson development to help teachers reflect on how students learn.



May, 15, 2015