Oak Park Elementary welcomes Special Education and reading teacher Amy McClurg

Fall 2011

Many years ago I graduated with an English major and a license to teach seventh through twelfth graders. Unfortunately after a long-term substitute job in Shakopee ended, I was unable to find another teaching job. My love of education and passion for equality led me to the Twin Cities United Way’s Success By 6, a collaboration of community partners that worked together so children would be adequately prepared to be successful students. I implemented the first replication in the cities of northwest Hennepin County. From there I went to the Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Inc. (MMEP) as Associative Director. Another collaboration — this time focused on the success of students of color throughout the state. But while I was working for students, I missed working with them. The classroom was still whispering my name.

After seven years, I decided to take time off to spend more time with my two sons. Some of that time was spent volunteering at Oak Park Elementary. This led to a paraprofessional job and a newfound excitement for special education. Eventually I entered graduate school to turn that excitement into a career. Following graduation, Oak-Land Junior High opportunately had a Special Ed English and reading position open. I would finally be back in the classroom! Not only teaching the type of students I adore but the subject as well. So now every morning, as I walk through a cloud of Axe body spray and hear the squeals of giggly girls, my heart skips a beat and I think, “Yeah. This is where I belong.”

May, 15, 2015