SCEA Narrative committed to building learning environments

We are committed to building learning environments that are rooted in racial justice and work for all of our students.

Educators and parents understand real learning and growth happens when students feel supported and get the individual attention they need.

To make that happen, we must build public schools that inspire imagination, cultivate critical thinking and ensure fulfilling lives. That means smaller class sizes, more mental health and emotional supports and broad offerings that allow students to explore their passions in world languages, arts, technology and more.

We need schools where all students feel welcome. We must attract and retain more educators of color, so students have teachers who look like them. The schools’ curriculum and practices must be more inclusive and respectful of students’ racial and ethnic diversity. And we must expand restorative practices to build community and a positive climate in our schools to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

It means showing students they are valued by giving students access to updated buildings, facilities, technology and engaging materials, so they can succeed in our changing world.


Sep, 21, 2020